Fostering With Warrior Dog Rescue

Fostering a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. By temporarily sharing your home and your heart with a dog in need you are actually saving two dogs!  When your foster dog leaves the shelter to go to your home, it opens up a much needed spot for another dog to be taken in.

Warrior Dog Rescue provides everything you need to foster a dog.  We provide a collar, harness,  leashes, toys, crate, food, blankets, beds, treats, gates, and potty pads if needed.  We also provide all vetting care and preventatives. In addition to that, we have professional dog trainers and foster mentors to support you throughout your journey.In many cases, you could be the dog’s first chance at experiencing life in a real home that provides regular care and love. Witnessing a foster dog grow in trust and love while under your care is a rewarding and heartwarming experience.


We at Warrior Dog Rescue realize that traditional fostering may not fit for everyone, or for every dog. Therefore, we have created the following programs:

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unicorn foster squad

I’ve thought about fostering, but how do you say goodbye?


Something all of our fosters keep in their minds and hearts is that the alternative to fostering means leaving the dog homeless, taking up a much needed spot for another dog at our shelter partner, leaving them in an abusive or neglectful situation, or in a kill shelter. A little heartache is worth saving the lives of these amazing dogs. When your foster is adopted, it  opens up a spot in your home to help the next Warrior Dog find their forever home. Warrior Dog Rescue provides adopters and fosters a private Facebook page to share updates on the dog progression in their new home.  The stories and happy endings are well worth the temporary sadness knowing you were the bridge to their lifelong journey into their forever home. You are not only giving that individual pup hope, but are making a difference for all homeless animals.