Fostering With Warrior Dog Rescue

Fostering a dog is an incredibly fulfilling endeavor, offering you the chance to make a significant impact on the lives of not just one, but two dogs. By generously opening your home and heart to a dog in need, you’re not only providing a temporary haven but also creating space in the shelter for another deserving dog who is otherwise unsafe.

At Warrior Dog Rescue, we make fostering seamless by supplying all the essentials. From collars, harnesses, leashes, and toys to crates, food, blankets, beds, treats, gates, and even potty pads if necessary – we’ve got you covered. Our commitment extends beyond material provisions; we take care of all veterinary needs and preventive measures. Moreover, our team includes professional dog trainers and experienced foster mentors, ensuring you receive support throughout your fostering journey.

Being a foster parent may be a foster dog’s first encounter with life in a genuine, caring home. Witnessing their growth in trust and affection under your nurturing care is a deeply gratifying and heartwarming experience. Join us at Warrior Dog Rescue and become a crucial part of transforming lives—one paw at a time.

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I’ve thought about fostering, but how do you say goodbye?


Contemplating the prospect of saying goodbye is a natural concern when considering fostering. However, our foster community at Warrior Dog Rescue holds a poignant truth close to their hearts—the alternative to fostering entails leaving the dog in dire circumstances, whether homeless, occupying a crucial spot at our shelter partner, enduring abuse or neglect, or facing the grim reality of a kill shelter.

The bittersweet farewell when your foster finds their forever home is overshadowed by the immense joy of knowing you’ve played a pivotal role in saving a life. It’s a small sacrifice that yields a profound impact. As your foster embarks on their new journey with an adoptive family, it not only opens up space in your home but also creates an opportunity for the next Warrior Dog to find their own loving home.

Warrior Dog Rescue facilitates ongoing connections through a private Facebook page, allowing adopters and fosters to share updates on the dog’s progress in their new environment. The tales of transformation and heartwarming conclusions are a testament to the significant impact you’ve made. The transient sadness of saying goodbye pales in comparison to the enduring happiness of being the bridge that guided them to their forever home. Your contribution goes beyond an individual pup; you are actively making a difference for all homeless animals, turning moments of temporary sorrow into a lifetime of hope and happiness.