Foster to Adopt Program

Warrior Dog Rescue’s Foster to Adopt Program was developed to allow dogs to find their way to their forever home sooner rather than later.  Many dogs come into rescue with medical needs that would postpone the finalizing of their adoption. In the Foster to Adopt Program, dogs go to live with their approved adopted home after the adopter becomes an approved foster within the rescue.

The typical dogs who fall into this program are the heartworm positive dogs who are on their journey to good health and currently going through their treatment. This program is also great for adult dogs, like our dear mama dogs who come into rescue not yet spayed or neutered and are just waiting for their surgery date to come along. 

In the Foster to Adopt Program, all medical expenses directly related to the medical need pertaining to their foster to adopt status are paid for by the rescue. All other medical expenses, preventatives, food, kennel, grooming, and any other supplies needed for the care of the dog are provided by the adopter. A payment of 50% of the adoption fee is collected at the time the dog moves into the foster to adopt home. The remaining adoption fee is collected when the dog is cleared for adoption and the adoption contract is signed.

Warrior Dog’s Foster to Adopt Program has been very successful! It moves dogs into their forever homes so they can start bonding with their families, and it also opens up a foster home within the rescue for other dogs to be saved.

It is a win-win for everyone involved!