About Warrior Dog Rescue

Warrior Dog rescue is a non-profit organization based in Savage, MN that is
dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding adoptive homes for dogs
that have been abandoned, abused, or neglected. We are celebrating our 6th
year in rescue and have saved over 3,100 dogs to date.

When we reflect on that number we think that each one of those dogs had a foster hero that YES to saving them!

We think about all the visits to the vet, the training, the full food bowls, walks, belly rubs, and all the healing that was given to each of them through the love and safety we were able to provide. Knowing that we were able to help them heal and be ready to love their forever family is a blessing beyond compare.

Our storybook is filled with all the Warrior Dogs who have come into our lives and forever imprinted on our hearts. The Warrior Dog family continues to save these sweet souls because they all deserve to the know the gift of love and safety.

There is still work to be done and by the grace and selflessness of our volunteer and foster teams, along with our generous donors we will continue. There are so many pups even as you read this that are alone and sick, abandoned in kill shelters and on roadsides, living a life filled with fear and abuse.
We are steadfast in our commitment to continue to make a difference,
one dog at a time.

Mission Statement

The mission of Warrior Dog Rescue is to save the dogs that are homeless, left abandoned in shelters, are surrendered by their owners, those that are being abused and neglected, and those that are left wandering.  We are committed to providing them the medical care they need, helping them to overcome their past by providing them loving, educated foster homes, finding them their perfect forever home by means of a thorough adoption process, and guiding them on their journey into their new life.  They all deserve a “good dog life…  every single one of them.”


Vision Statement

Warrior Dog Rescue will be a model rescue by partnering with overcrowded shelters that need to make room for more abandoned dogs.  We will continue to educate others about responsible dog ownership in regards to safety, spay/neuter, nutrition, obedience, socializing, abuse, and neglect. We acknowledge that we will have a role in this industry to take the lead on providing awareness to others in the community and across the country.  Every dog will know what it feels like to be loved till the end of their life.