Adopting With Warrior Dog

We take the process of our adoptions very seriously. Our rescue dogs have journeyed far and sometimes heartbreaking roads to make it to the safety of our rescue. Finding them their perfect fit in an adoptive home is one of the most important things we do for them. We want to ensure that every Warrior Dog has their happily ever after.


I want to adopt a dog or puppy, now what?

Research. Get as much information about the commitment that a dog or puppy requires. Dogs are lovable, fun, loyal, and amazing companions. They require good food, regular exercise, training, and medical care, and they need you to pledge your commitment to them for their entire life. Research the breed and age that would be the best fit for you. Some dogs require more exercise, puppies require a lot of upfront training- make sure your lifestyle is a good fit for these requirements.


I have done my research and I am ready to find my dog, now what?

Search under the ADOPTABLE DOGS tab. Our fosters take a lot of time to share as much detail as possible about each dog. Read through the bios and if you find a dog you’d like to meet, fill out the Adoption Application.  Be sure to list on the application any other dogs you are interested in. Sometimes your first choice may have received an application right before yours came in. We do not host meet and greets with potential adopters until the application is approved. The only exception to that is if you come to our Adoption Events (held either Saturday or Sunday most weekends) and meet the dog there. Check the tab EVENTS for location and time. Check our Facebook page to see what dogs are committed to attending.


Can I come to your facility and meet the dog or puppy I want to adopt?

No, we are not open to the public. We are mostly a foster home-based rescue. All meetings are set up after you have an approved application, or you are welcome to come to our facility during our adoption events which are held nearly every weekend. Look under the EVENTS tab. Check out our Facebook page to see what dogs will be in attendance.


Okay, I filled out my application, now what?

Every application is looked over thoroughly. Warrior Dog Rescue mindfully considers what the dog or puppy needs and works hard to make sure that is aligned with what the adoptive home can provide to assure a lifelong match. We were once able to personally reply to each and every application, whether accepted or not. Due to time constraints, we are no longer able to do that. Your application will be responded to within 48 hours ONLY if your application is chosen for the dog you applied for.


If I do not hear back within 48 hours of submitting my application what does that mean?

It could be that the dog you applied for had an application that came in right before yours, or that your home was not a good fit for the dog. Examples of this are; some dogs require to be the only dogs in the home, some need a companion, and some need a fenced-in yard. If there is another dog or pup you are interested in, or you have questions please email: [email protected]


I received an email that my application was approved! What happens now?

First step will be a meet and greet between the adoptive dog and all the people and pets in the home.  If it is a good fit for everyone you will email the adoption coordinator that you are ready to move forward. At that time, your references will be checked and a virtual home visit will be completed.

We have guidelines that direct our path in approving applications to match each dog with its perfect home and people. Here are a few of the guidelines that we use to determine the placement of each dog based on their individual needs and personalities.


  • Food:  We suggest you feed a 4+ star food as rated by Dog Food Advisor depending on the needs of the dog.  There are many to choose from and we will help educate you throughout the adoption process.  It is really important that our Alabama dogs are fed grain food for their heart health.
  • Distance:  Warrior Dog Rescue approves adoptions within 60 miles of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, especially for the puppies.  However, depending on each individual application and each individual adult dog’s needs, we may consider a long-distance adoption.  Warrior Dog will not ship a dog.  Warrior Dog will not arrange transport.
  • Fencing:  Warrior Dog will require certain dogs to have a fenced yard.  Warrior Dog does not support the use of invisible fencing or tie-outs.
  • Other Dogs in the home:  Anytime that a dog is surrendered, abused, removed from the home, or a stray, etc., they can become afraid and unsure of their surroundings.  For some dogs, having another dog around them can be very comforting.  For the other dogs, they are unhappy when around other dogs.   We will use our knowledge of each individual dog to make the best decision in regard to this issue.
  • Children in the home:  Some dogs LOVE children and do great with them, while others do better in a home without smaller children.  We will approve applications depending on each individual dog.
  • Length of time away from home when adopting a puppy:  Setting adopters up for success is something that we take seriously.  We need to make sure that if you are adopting a puppy, you have a plan set in place to allow the puppy to be let out at least every 3 hours to facilitate house training.
  • Adopting a puppy: When adopting a puppy that is not yet of age to be altered, the adopter is required to sign an agreement to get the puppy spayed or neutered when they reach the appropriate age. You will also be required to provide proof of alteration by the date contained on the adoption contract. Once you provide this proof, Warrior Dog Rescue will reimburse you $100 towards the cost of the procedure.

Warrior Dog Rescue requires adopters to sign up for training with pups as part of the adoption process. Engaging in regular training not only builds your pup’s confidence and trust but also provides essential mental stimulation, strengthening the bond between you and your dog. Socializing your pup and incorporating basic training into their routine contributes to their growth into confident adult dogs.

As you make training a consistent part of your schedule, you’ll uncover the secret formula to unlock your dog’s full potential. Gradually, you’ll become adept at interpreting your dog’s body language cues, discovering how to motivate them to embrace new challenges, and identifying the rewards that hold the highest value for them. Without even realizing it, you’ll develop an intimate understanding of your dog, surpassing even their own self-awareness.