Safety is a very important part of Warrior Dog Rescue. These dogs have worked hard to get to the safety of this rescue and we want to make sure their journey continues in the same direction. Please take a few minutes to read and watch the videos below. They will give you preventative, proactive, emergency, and reactive information. Some of these tips could mean the difference between you keeping your dog safe and with you.


Ready to bring your new pup home?


Prior to bringing your pup home, take some time to be prepared to keep them safe. 

  • Put up a baby gate at the front door, this extra barrier will help keep them from a quick escape when answering the door.  
  • Gates could also be used on decks and stairways.
  • Have them wear their martingale collar and drag a leash in the home and yard even if it is fenced for a few weeks until they are more comfortable. The leash will be an additional tool to be able to catch them if needed.
  • Check each room in the house for potential dangers; cords, plants, choking hazards. Assure your lower cabinets are either locked or free from poisonous items. 
  • Walk the perimeter of your fence making sure there are no gaps, and no items right by the fence that could be used to climb on and launch over. 
  • Anytime you are leaving your home with your dog, make sure to have the pup double leashed. 
  • Look over the Transition Tips document below provided by The Retrievers. 
  • Read about dogs on the run BEFORE it happens to you so if the unthinkable happens you will know what to do. 
  • Have your vet contact information somewhere handy and ask your vet for their recommendations for an emergency vet should you ever need it. 
  • Post this number in your home in case of accidental poisoning: Pet Poison Hotline 1-855-764-7661.


Before leaving the house with your pup assure they are:

double leashed, geared up with a martingale collar, & over the head harness.

My pup got into something! Is it poisonous? What do I do?

Start by contacting The Pet Poison Helpline: 1-855-764-7661 

You can access their website by clicking here

My pup just got loose! What do I do?

What to do when dog is running away: Do not chase, do not yell, do not panic. Yelling and chasing them will only make them run further.  You do not want the dog to feel hunted and you want the dog to feel like it can settle in one place close by to point of flight.  If the dog is near you, sit on the ground and call to them in a playful manner. The more appealing your voice is, the more chance you will have they will turn back to come and play with you. Please reference the Lost Dog Action Plan below for further advice. 

Report a missing Warrior Dog Rescue Alumnus – please contact Warrior Dog Rescue by emailing [email protected] or the Facebook page.  You can also contact your foster or the adoption coordinator, just as long as we are made aware of the situation so we can help.  We have many resources that will be made available to you to bring your dog home safely.  Once a Warrior Dog, always a Warrior Dog and we care for them like they were our own…  always and forever. At any given moment, we have a team ready to jump in their cars, make signs and bring the pup home. 

Link to The Retrievers: